EQuIS Vapor Intrusion Reports

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EQuIS Vapor Intrusion Reports

The EQuIS Vapor Intrusion Reports are included with the EQuIS Vapor Intrusion Module package available for download in the Products\Vapor Intrusion folder on the Downloads Dashboard on the EarthSoft Community Center (ECC). The following EQuIS Vapor Intrusion Reports are available:

VI Analytical Results II with Building Parameters (EarthSoft.Reports.Library.191612.dll) – Combines standard Analytical Results II report output with vapor intrusion building data.

VI Collect – eCOC (EarthSoft.Reports.Library.183376.dll) – This report is used to generate XML eCOCs that contain vapor intrusion samples.

VI Collect – Field EDD (EarthSoft.Reports.Library.183376.dll) – This report creates an EDD with a list of buildings, labs, users, and method analyte groups that can be used to pre-populate Collect forms to assist field crews in recording vapor intrusion field data.

VI Building Parameter (EarthSoft.Reports.Library.157625.dll) – Generates an output of the building parameters and building inspection information for the selected building codes and includes the locations associated with the selected buildings.


Copy all report DLL files to the EQuIS Professional folder (e.g., C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS) and publish to the database. Publishing the reports in EarthSoft.Reports.Library.183376.dll file is necessary to use these reports in Collect Enterprise.


Note: If the Vapor Intrusion Schema is not applied, the reports will fail as the tables and fields that are called will not be present.