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SPM Enterprise Land Access Page

At some sites or locations, permission may be required to perform sampling or other field events. The Land Access page in SPM Enterprise provides an easy way to view, create, or edit land access information for a specific facility. Unlike the Land Access form in SPM Desktop, multiple locations can be simultaneously assigned to a land access agreement. In addition, more detailed information for points of contact can be added or edited. The Land Access page can also be used to maintain permits and display the status of well abandonment and decommissioning.



Land access information is location specific and is displayed on a series of tabs, which are related and responsive to selection/filtering on other tabs. Detailed instructions are provided for each of the tabs in separate articles (click links below).

Locations – This tab allows the user to select the desired location for the land access information, add or modify selected location information, and easily create child locations.

Permits – Use the Permits tab to create or modify existing permits, especially when the permit type is "well" or "water use".

Abandonment – The Abandonment tab is enabled when a location is selected and displays the status of well abandonment and decommissioning.

Access Agreements – Use the Access Agreement tab to create or modify existing access agreements.

Points of Contact – Land owner and/or tenant contact information can be easily entered, modified, or removed on the Points of Contact tab.