SPM Enterprise Dashboard Management

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SPM Enterprise Dashboard Management

The SPM dashboard can be copied and customized. Numerous SPM dashboards can exist within Enterprise. General Enterprise dashboard functionality is accessible via the dashboard header at the top of the page.


By default, the SPM Enterprise dashboard consists of a dashboard header and an SPM widget with with five menu pages: Analytics, Scheduler, Availability, Resource Groups, and Land Access. Administrator users can define which page(s) are displayed, the order of page(s), and which page is the default for each SPM dashboard. To edit the settings on the SPM dashboard, click the More Options Ent-More_Options-Icon icon on the right-side of the SPM widget header and then select the Edit Settings option.


The SPM Widget Editor will open to allow an administrative user to edit the menuItems or defaultMenuItem properties.


defaultMenuItem – This property defines the default landing page that loads when a user chooses the SPM dashboard. The Analytics Page is the default landing page if no value is set.


menuItems – This property can be used to define which pages appear on the SPM dashboard and their display order. By default, this property is empty and all pages are displayed. Any page name(s) added to the menuItems, as string properties, will be displayed on the SPM dashboard and pages not listed will not be displayed (will be hidden).


The string values for the Page names used to define the menuItems or defaultMenuItem properties are:








Editing Properties


To change the defaultMenuItem, click on the text box beside the property and enter the Page name (string value above) to be the default landing page.


To add a value to the menuItems property, hover the mouse beneath the menuItems property and click the Add Value option to open the object types drop-down menu.


Select the String option. This will add a numbered sequence along with an adjacent text box. Enter the desired page string value in the text box.


Repeat this process for all the pages to be displayed on the SPM Dashboard. Pages will be displayed in the order listed. Pages that are not added to the list will not appear on the SPM Dashboard. To remove a particular page from the list, hover over the specific page entry and select the Remove SPM-Ent-Widget-Editor_Remove-Itemicon.


Note: Each page can only be listed once. Do not create a duplicate property with the same page name as no pages will be displayed on the SPM dashboard.


Tip: To quickly add new pages in the menuItems property, add one page and then click the Duplicate button and change the page name text.


Changes will be applied to the SPM widget by clicking on the Save Ent-Widget_Save-Icon button. The Widget Editor will close and changes will be reflected on the SPM Dashboard.