Remap Sets - Saving to an External File

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Remap Sets - Saving to an External File

Users connected to an EQuIS database can use the RT_REMAP and RT_REMAP_DETAIL tables directly (without exporting to an external file). In addition, users may export the remap sets from the EQuIS database to a workspace file for use in EDP Standalone (without a connection to the database) or with a different EQuIS database.


To export the RT_REMAP and RT_REMAP_DETAIL tables:

1.Open EQuIS Professional.

2.Click the Reference Tables button.

3.Open the RT_REMAP table.

4.Open the RT_REMAP_DETAIL table.

5.Click the application menu, Save ... Workspace.

6.Save the tables to a *.wxml file.

7.Send the *.wxml file to the EDP Standalone user(s).