Professional (7.20.2)

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Professional (7.20.2)





Add Validation Report Tab to DQM Event Report [m162318]

A new optional Validation Report tab has been added to the DQM Event Report with:
- Only the minimally required columns in the output (including Qualifiers and Reason
- Other columns available for inclusion via a new report parameter
- All the included Reason Codes listed in the footnotes with their respective Descriptions





Water Levels II - Fix Output for Calculated WATER_DEPTH [m167033]

Fixed the bug that water_depth is not calculated when the "Water Level\Calculation\Depth:" parameter of the "Water Levels II" report (EarthSoft.Reports.Library.64102.dll) is selected as 'calculate'.
We recommend this report, if already published to your project database(s), be republished following these instructions:





Water Levels II Report - Add WATER_LEVEL_DEPTH Output and Other Improvements [m167263]

A new column named water_level_depth is added to the output of the Water Levels II Report (EarthSoft.Reports.Library.64102.dll). It equals DT_WATER_LEVEL.WATER_LEVEL_DEPTH if the depth_unit of the report result comes from DT_WATER_LEVEL.DEPTH_UNIT or a converted DT_WATER_LEVEL.WATER_LEVEL_DEPTH if the depth_unit comes from DT_FACILITY.ELEV_UNIT or DT_WELL.DEPTH_UNIT.
One improvement to the output for field names from the Additional Fields parameter, is that field names will no longer be limited to 30 characters in length, and always be tableName_fieldName, e.g. DT_DRILL_ACTIVITY_CUSTOM_FIELD_1 instead of DRILL_ACTIVITY_CUSTOM_FIELD_1 or DT_WATER_LEVEL_MEASURED_DEPTH_OF_WELL instead of WATERLEVELMEASUREDDEPTHOFWELL etc. Due to this change, if a saved crosstab parameters .xml file or published crosstab includes one of these longer Additional Fields parameters, then the crosstab parameters .xml file will need to be resaved and/or the published crosstab will need to be republished.
One improvement to extra_select is that processing is moved into the GetCoreSql method so that calling the method gets the extra_select content.





Schema: VW_LOCATION to Ignore or Truncate Extra Digits when Transforming Data from Pseudo-Numeric to Decimal(19,10) [m171090]

Added functionality to VW_LOCATION to prevent bad coordinate values stored in DT_COORDINATE from causing the error "Arithmetic overflow error converting varchar to data type numeric" causing the view to fail to return data; this also can cause reports, such as the ARII, from returning any data.





DQM Selections - Remember/Save QAPP Checks and Auto-Enable HT Types [m176792]

A new feature has been added to DQM that allows users to save default DQM Selections for each QAPP when Starting a DQM event.





Report Parameter Selector - Option To Have Selections in Alphabetical Order [m177518]

A new parameter display type has been added for MultiSelect parameters, 'MultiSelectNonAlpha' was added to allow reports that depend on the selection order to remain in that order. Selections for parameters with ST_REPORT_PARAMETER.DISPLAY_TYPE = 'MultiSelect' will automatically be sorted in alphabetical order. This display type option is now the default setting for the ARII-ALEII Crosstab Report, which allows the report parameter selections for the Crosstab Column Headers, Row Headers and Tabbed Data to stay in the order that they were selected.





Analytical Results II - Using @extra_select issues for REPORT_RESULT_TEXT/UNIT/VALUE [m177892]

Fixed issue when using REPORT_RESULT_TEXT in an extra select statement, the actual text displayed in the new extra field will now match REPORT_RESULT_TEXT (to include non-detect symbol and unit conversions).





Google Earth Reports - License Requirements Still Not Working with Standard [m178051]

Fixed Bug that prevented users running Professional with a "Data" license (i.e. data only, no graphics) from running the Google Earth reports.





Professional: Add JSON Option to Report Grid Export Menu [m178964]

When exporting a table (e.g. data table or report output) to text, there are three new options available:
1) JSON Schema/Data (*.json) - this is a concise JSON format that lists the columns
once, then lists each row as an array of values. (This is the format that Enterprise
widgets typically use.).
2) JSON Table (*.json) - this is a more verbose JSON format that lists each row as an
object with properties.
3) Compressed Data Table (*.cdt) - this is a compressed, binary format (not





Cannot Save to Validator Qualifiers [m180097]

When running the DQM Complete Event function with only the Save to Validator Qualifiers option selected, the DQM Qualifiers did not save properly and, in fact, any existing qualifiers in the Validator Qualifier column were over-written. This bug has been fixed.





Facility Change not Reflected in Open EDP Window [m180545]

EQuIS Professional has been updated to automatically close the EDP window when changing facilities. Except when EDP is loading/processing, EDP will remain open and Professional will not change facilities.





Trying to Add Site within a Blank Project without a Template Crashes Program [m180781]

Fixes issue in which ArcGIS Pro crashes when there is no map loaded in the project and user tries to connect to ArcEQuIS.





Saved Crosstab with Other AL Columns in Header Does Not Load those Columns when Reopened [m180819]

In previous versions, some Action Level columns did not reload when a saved Crosstab configuration was reloaded. All columns are now available in saved configurations. When using the same action levels that were in the original Crosstab configuration, there should be no further issues.
However, some combinations of columns are not compatible with the algorithm which attempts to match newly selected action levels to the original action level columns. The following suggestions should help ensure that the crosstab configuration can process various inputs:
1. Include the “regular” action level column (e.g., AL1_action_level) for all action levels
in the configuration, even if it is not populated.
2. Include the same combination of action level columns for each action level.
For example:
d. AL2_action_level





Professional - x86 Favorites Not Working [m181662]

Fixes a bug in which some settings.xml files did not allow the saving and utilizing of Favorites within EQuIS Professional x86. Users who encounter this behavior should delete their current settings.xml file, and utilize the one created by installing EQuIS Professional 7.20.2 x86





Schema - Update ACCEPTABLE_USE Table with Current EULA Links [m181664]

Updated documentation links provided in the ACCEPTABLE_USE table (not visible in EQuIS Professional; must be accessed directly in SSMS or via the EQuIS SQL Form).





Crosstab - Retain Header Formatting When "Published as grid report" Option Selected [m181923]

In previous EQuIS versions, when running a published Crosstab report (published with the "Published as grid report" option selected), the output to the report grid (in either Professional or Enterprise) was the unformatted crosstab data table.
With this build, the report output will be the same as the formatted output produced when running the Crosstab from the Crosstab UI (with the exception of header/row shading). This change will be seen in newly published Crosstab reports and also in Crosstab reports published in previous versions.





Crosstab - Published as iGrid - Open in Crosstab Form [m182415]

In previous EQuIS versions, when running a published Crosstab report (published with the "Published as grid report" option selected), the output to the report grid in EQuIS Professional was the unformatted crosstab data table.
With this Build, the report output will be displayed with full formatting in the Crosstab UI Form just like a manually generated Crosstab. The full toolbar, including the Export to Excel button, will be available. This change will be seen when running newly published Crosstab reports and Crosstab reports, published in previous versions.





O&M Schema - New for Upcoming Operation and Maintenance Module [m182902]

Created new schema for O&M (i.e. Operations and Maintenance) that can store data such as that needed for treatment systems. This schema is intended to be included in an O&M module that should be released at a future date. Tables in the schema include:
- AT_TREATMENT_LOCATION, with a few additional columns added to existing tables.





Remove Utility Scripts from Professional Install (EQ5 to EQ6 Scripts) [m183122]

Removed obsolete utility folder and Convert_EQ5_ID_to_EQ6_EUID.sql script from EQuIS/db folder.





Schema "Finalize" Steps should Happen Automatically without Being Specified in the Schema File [m183892]

Database Update and Create Process were updated so that schema "Finalize" steps occur once automatically, rather than individually with each schema file; the "Finalize" steps were removed from the schema files.





AAL - Add ACTION_LEVEL_MIN to LOOKUP Functions [m184093]

In the standard Advanced Action Level functions SINGLE_LOOKUP, MULTIPLE(OR)_LOOKUP, and MULTIPLE(AND)_LOOKUP the ACTION_LEVEL_MIN column in the DT_ACTION_LEVEL_LOOKUP table (when populated) is now included in the processing of the ALEII Report.





Professional Schema - New Cost Tables [m184109]

Cost tables are added to the standard Professional schema. The new tables are: RT_COST_TYPE, RT_COST_PARAM_TYPE, AT_COST_PARAMETER, DT_COST, and DT_COST_PARAMETER (functionality for these tables to come in future releases).





Professional Schema - New Functions for Converting Rates to Amounts [m184110]

Two new database functions are available in the EQuIS database (Professional Schema) for converting rates to amounts: EQUIS.UNIT_CONVERT_TIME_RATE_TO_AMOUNT and EQUIS.UNIT_CONVERT_RATE_TO_AMOUNT.
Additionally, three columns are added to RT_UNIT to support these functions:





EQuIS for ArcGIS - Fix Access with PremierDG License [m184234]

When connecting to the EQuIS for ArcGIS interface through the EQuIS plugin, an issue occurred where the Premier Data and Graphics license failed to create a connection. This issue has been fixed.





Professional - Report Parameter Selector - Parameters of Type Parameter Are Not Handled [m184449]

A bug in the Report Parameter Selector caused an error for specific parameters (of type Parameter) on some reports. This has been fixed.





Remove Migrate.xme and Oracle Reports from Installer [m184594]

Removed obsolete db/migrate.xme file and Tutor/Reports/Oracle folder with ActiveChart_Oracle.rpx file from EQuIS folder.





Fix Stored Procs (wsp_create_report_task & wsp_schedule_report_even) - get IDs from [sq_sysid] rather than [sq_euid] Sequence [m184749]

Updated the WSP_CREATE_REPORT_TASK stored procedure so that the JOB_ID value assigned is from the [sq_sysid] sequence rather than using a EUID value.





Upgrade Syncfusion .NET Components to [m184854]

All Syncfusion dependencies have been upgraded to v17.4.0.46. Assembly binding redirects are in place, as a result, references to older versions should automatically work with the new version.





ArcEQuIS Professional Install- Correct ArcEQuIS Name [m184870]

The "ArcEQuIS" folder of the Pro install (C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS\Interfaces\ArcEQuIS) is renamed to "ArcMap" to reflect the association of its content with the EQuIS for ArcMap interface rather than the recently released ArcEQuIS.





German Language Translations for EQuIS Professional [m184957]

German language translation strings were improved and updated in EQuIS Professional.





ArcEQuIS - Spider Diagrams, Data Tab, Select User Report [m185045]

Adding EnviroInsite Spider Diagram Functionality to the ArcEQuIS plugin.





EnviroInsite -> Professional Spider Diagram Export | ArcEQuIS Import [m185783]

A report has been added to the EarthSoft EnviroInsite Report Library called EnviroInsite Spider Diagram. This report is used to generate EnviroInsite shapefiles, which can then be used to load spider tables into ArcGIS Pro.





Schema - Live - Add EBATCH field to DT_LOGGER_* Tables [m186155]






Schema: Include PARAM_CODE in Primary Key of DT_CHAIN_OF_CUSTODY_PARAMETER [m186156]

Added the [param_code] column to the Primary Key of the [DT_CHAIN_OF_CUSTODY_PARAMETER] table; this allows more than one parameter to be associated with the chain of custody.





AAL - Add Option for NULL Action Level To AAL Lookup Functions [m186496]

The option to set the advanced action level to a NULL value for any matching LOOKUP value in the SINGLE_LOOKUP or MULTIPLE_LOOKUP functions has been added to the standard Advanced Action Levels in EarthSoft.ActionLevels.Library.105851.dll.
To skip samples with values of the COMPARISON_ID analyte in a given range (e.g. HARDNESS < 100), enter the text value “NULL” in the ACTION_LEVEL column in the DT_ACTION_LEVEL_LOOKUP table.





New Standard Flow Reports: Flow Data and Flow Statistics [m186599]

The Flow Data (EarthSoft.Reports.Library.178519.dll) has been created. It presents the data info of DT_FLOW that meets users’ selected parameters. When action level parameters are selected, the report examines instant_flow, average_flow or cumulative_flow with the selected action levels, and flags a value if it breaks an action level value.
The Flow Statistics (EarthSoft.Reports.Library.178519.dll) has been created. It presents the statistics of DT_FLOW that meets users’ selected parameters. When action level parameters are selected, the report examines the statistical values of instant_flow, average_flow or cumulative_flow with the selected action levels, and flags a value if it breaks an action level value.





Professional Reports - Output MAG - Specific Columns when No MAG Specified [m187050]

Selecting additional MAG fields using the Additional Fields Parameter in the Analytical Results II Report would cause the report to not output data. This has been fixed for the Analytical Results II and Action Level Exceedance II reports. We recommend both report assemblies, if already published to your project database(s), be republished following these instructions:





'DQM Exceptions Report by EDD' Report Bug Due to New Feature in test_batch_type Global Parameter [m188416]

Running the DQM Exceptions Report by EDD in Build 7.20.1 results in an "Incorrect syntax near 'ANALYSIS'." error message. This was as a result of the change made in the test_batch_type Global Parameter that now allows multiple test batch types. This bug has been fixed in 7.20.2.