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Add Option to Hide/Show Fraction in Field Results Section [m135357]

Added ability to hide and show "Fraction" column on FieldResult section.





Field Result with Greater than Value Assigns DETECT_FLAG = ">" [m138544]

When a greater than symbol (">") is used with a field results value, the DETECT_FLAG field is now set to ">".
The previous process of handling "<" and no symbol with field results remain unchanged (i.e., when "<" is used, the DETECT_FLAG field is set to "N", and when no symbol is used, the DETECT_FLAG field is set to "Y").





Misspelling in DT_EQUIPMENT_INVENTORY in EDGE Format [m145354]

Fixed spelling mistake in DT_EQUIPMENT_INVENTORY within the EDGE Format.





Using Ctrl + F4 Form Closing Option Progressively Removes Tabs on EDGE Close [m145631]

Fixed a bug that removed the left-most visible tab when EDGE is closed using the Ctrl+F4 option.





Copied SPM Sample Has Planned Containers and MAGs [m146659]

Copying SPM field sample will copy planned MAGs and Containers in new sample.





Changed the '<' and '<=' Stabilization Criteria to Only Require 3 Readings [m150870]

Changed the required number of readings for '<' and '<=' criteria in the stabilization process to three readings.





Rename Field Sample Form Data Sections [m154683]

Within the Setup feature, the "Water Level Purge" and "Volume Purge" Field Sample Form data sections have been renamed to "Water Level Purge 1" and "Water Level Purge 2", respectively.





EDP Create Step Fails for Container Section of EDD If Comment Row Present [m155621]

Fixed issue with creating ContractMagSpm_Bottle rows in EDP, when a comment row is present.





Location Tab Errors for Y or N Checkbox Columns When Touch UI Enabled [m160653]

Fixed issue on the Location tab for any Y or N checkbox column in touch UI mode. Created a new Y or N dialog box to capture input.





EDGE Task_v1 Overrides COC_v1 Defaults [m161087]

Fixed bug on the Field Sample Form where COC default values would be overwritten .





EDGE Live Sensor Interface Updates [m161448]

Modified the Live sensor interface to increase performance when connecting to the probe, use Ctrl+E instead of Ctrl+C hot key for clearing all tables, and update the icon.





EDGE Probes: Fix Serial Com Port 'Stuck-open' Bug and Changed Units: Ω to ohm, µ to u, and ° to deg [m161757]

For probes used with EDGE, fixed serial com port 'stuck-open' bug and changed the following units: Ω to ohm, µ to u, and ° to deg.





BPRM S180713C1 Task 1: EDGE Stabilization criteria formulas, RPD% and delta [m161768]

Adding rpd formula as a stabilization criterion and the feature to have two formula depends on the entered value





EDGE Probes: Correct In-Situ Bluetooth Communication via Power Pack [m161957]

Updated EDGE code to ignore power packs, and other ‘non-probes’, when searching for probes.





Field Results Column Header Default Set [m162742]

For the Field Results column header, set the 'chem_name_type' enumeration to 'mag_member_chemical_name' by default.





Fixed Issues on Boring Log and Depth Forms [m163587]

Fixed issues with the Default Layout and other minor issues on the Boring Log form. The "End" button on the Boring Log form or Depth form now copies the depth to the "location_v1.totaldepth" field and the "drill_activityv1.end_depth" field.





Add Security Option for Projects Feature [m164047]

A new security feature allows for restricting access to saving and editing projects. A user would still be able to change their current project.





EDGE EDDs: Field Samples Now Assigned Unique EUIDs [m164148]

EUID's are now assigned to be unique in each EDGE EDD. Previously, a proxy row would copy the EUID from the location to the samples associated with that location.





EDGE Fromat: Add DT_WELL.INTAKE_DEPTH to the Location Table [m164610]

Added INTAKE_DEPTH field to the Location table and updated the format to map value to EQuIS. The EDGE Field EDD Report was updated to include the new field in the Location table.





Set EDGE CheckFilterIDs Default Enumeration to 'N' [m164972]

Changed the default value of CheckFilterIDs enumeration to "N".





Custom Chain of Custody IDs [m164976]

Added the ability to create a customized COC ID enumeration, where the user can add tags such as {Loc}, {Lab}, {Sampler}, and {Datetime} in the COCID_GENERATION field.





Turn Off Force Key Fields to Upper Case [m165863]

Updated EDGE code and format that was forcing EDGE to convert field values to UPPERCASE like task_code, sys_loc_code, and sys_sample_code.





EDGE Sign and Submit Form: Auto-populate URL and Facility in Alive Formats [m166396]

Added support for auto-populating URL and Facility in Alive formats in the Sign and Submit form.





EDGE Format: Update Mapping on DownholePoint_v1 REMARK and END_DEPTH Fields [m166709]

Removed mapping the REMARK field value to the END_DEPTH field for the DownholePoint_V1 tab of the EDGE format.





Foreign Filters Overriding Format Refvals [m166746]

Fixed a bug that cleared the original filter defined in the format when the Foreign Filters feature within the configuration tool was used.





Add Batch Location Creator Form to EDGE 7 [m167067]

Added the Batch Location Creator feature to EDGE 7.





EDGE Format: Add COC_Analysis_Table [m167503]

Add COC_Analysis_Table to EDGE_SPM format that updates the Chain_of_Custody MAG table. This table will be used mainly for Collect COC mapping.