Collect (7.20.4)

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Collect (7.20.4)





Collect Enterprise: Improvements to Add and Edit Group Dialog Windows [d1154]

Modified the Add Group and Edit Group dialog windows on the the Form Setup page of the Template Designer to improve the user experience.





Collect Enterprise: Pre-population Aggregate Fields [d1222]

Added ability to select aggregate fields in the Formula Builder for pre-population data mappings.





Collect Enterprise: Do Not Allow Lengthy Template Form Description Text Overlap [d1314]

Modified the Template Designer interface so that template description text does not overlap the header field.





Collect Enterprise: Change Status of Completed Data Forms [d1450]

Added ability to change the status of completed data forms back to incomplete.





Collect Enterprise: Template Preview Enhancements [d1453]

Made adjustments to the template previewer to make it pass popup blockers.





Collect Enterprise: Fix Form Summary Report on Data Forms Page [d1627]

Fixed the report generation option on Data Forms page so it will run the form summary report.





Collect Enterprise: Rename Field Type 'Form' to 'Form Lookup' [d1629]

Updated the name of field type 'Form' to 'Form Lookup' to provide greater clarity.





Collect Enterprise: Testing Performance Slow in Formula Builder [d1749]

Fixed an issue in the Formula Builder where testing the formula could be slow.





Collect Mobile: Jump to Required Fields Only [d1830]

Added an option in the Collect Mobile Setting menu to allow users to jump to required fields only.





Collect Enterprise: Data Mapping Window Selection Updates [d1845]

When opening the Data Mapping window, the page will scroll to the current Data Mapping, which will be highlighted.





Collect Enterprise: Expand Service Field Functionality [d1901]

The "Service" field type has been extended to support remote running of results using the GET, POST, and PUT API calls. The Template Designer interface has been updated to easily configure the service field settings.





Collect Mobile: Ability to Perform Actions in the Map View [d1942]

Added the ability to perform actions by tapping on a location while in Map View on Collect Mobile. Actions include executing an API call of a service field, getting a report, and using action fields.





Collect Inspection Format: Add File_Parameter Section [d1977]

Added the File_Parameter section (table) to the Collect Inspection format and mapped it to the DT_FILE_PARAMETER table.





Collect Field EDD Report: Added Historical Field Parameter Data [d2027]

Added most recent flow, field results, and water level measurements to the Collect Field EDD report output.





Collect Enterprise: Erratic Shift of Focus in Formula Builder Tree [d2031]

Fixed an issue in the Formula Builder where typing would sometimes change the focus in the formula tree.





Collect Enterprise: Merging Templates [d2033]

Added a new feature that allows the user to merge templates, or forms from one template to another.





Collect Enterprise: Provide Warning Message if User Group Cannot Be Added [d2055]

Added warning message if a new user group cannot be added. For example, the new user group code already exists in the RT_GROUP table.





Collect Enterprise: Prevent Saving String Field If Maximum Length Value is Outside Bounds [d2056]

Added validation check for maximum length of String (1-255) and Long String (1-4000) field types.





Collect Field EDD Report: Custom Fields in SPM_Samples Will Be Pulled from Latest Sample [d2086]

Fixed an issue in the SPM_Samples section. Now, the custom fields will be retrieved from latest sample.





Collect: Add New Functions [d2128]

Added JGET function to retrieve a specific JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) object in a JSON object array.
Added LASTN function to perform advanced filtering that can designate if a value is within the last N values based on a specific sort criteria.
Added CORREL, INTERCEPT, and SLOPE functions to calculate linear regression for a set of X, Y pairs.





Collect Enterprise: Formula Builder Tree View Performance Improvements [d2140]

Improved performance of the formula tree view within the Formula Builder.





Collect Mobile: Auto Apply Changes on Combined Fields [d2145]

Updated Collect Mobile to auto apply changes when entering data in combined fields.





Collect Mobile (Windows): 'Enter' Key Is Shortcut to Move to Next Field in Combined Fields [d2148]

Added the 'Enter' key as a shortcut to move to the next field when in combined fields on a data form.





Collect Enterprise: Reload Reports Page When Facility Changes [d2157]

The Reports page in Collect Enterprise will reload when the user changes the session facility.





Collect Mobile: Persistent Fields Rounding to the Nearest Value [d2178]

Fixed an issue with the persistent attribute in the decimal field type.





Collect Field EDD Report: Get SPM Task Codes If Empty [d2223]

Updated the Collect Field EDD report to get SPM Task Code(s) using facility ID, plan code, and date range if SPM Task Code(s) and other SPM task filter parameters are not selected by user.





Collect Enterprise: Variables Attribute and Linked Mappings [d2374]

Added documentation to not use Linked Mappings with mappings that uses the Variables attribute feature. Added the issue to the mapper log.





Collect COC Report: Support IF Conditions in Merge Fields in COC Word Templates [d2477]

Added support to use merge fields in IF conditions in the COC Word template files (e.g., if COMPOSITE_YN is "Y" then output "Composite" else "Grab").





Collect Field EDD Report: Added Latest Equipment Data [d2479]

Added most recent equipment data to the Collect Field EDD report output.





Collect COC Report: Add COMPOSITE_YN to Sample Analysis Table [d2540]

Added COMPOSITE_YN column to the sample analysis table in the Collect-COC report and Word templates.





Collect Field EDD Report: Add Warning Text for Historical Years Back Parameter [d2563]

Added warning text "Value must be an integer" in the description of Historical/Water Levels/Years Back parameter in Collect Field EDD report.





Collect Enterprise: Fix Bug with Removing an Option for Selector Field Types [d2573]

Fixed a bug in the Template Designer where the wrong option would be removed from the Options list for Selector, MultiSelector, GroupSelector, and MultiGroupSelector filed types.





Collect Enterprise: Manage Display of Pages on the Dashboard [d2650]

Added ability for administrative users to manage which side menu pages are displayed on the Collect Enterprise dashboard and to set a default page.





Collect Enterprise: Improve Performance of Data Mapping Validation [d2664]

Improved performance when validating the data mappings within Collect Enterprise.





Collect Enterprise: Template Facility List Updates [d2792]

Template facility list updates correctly when changing the selected facility.





Collect Enterprise: Fix Field Delete Warning Message in Template Designer [d2797]

Fixed a warning message that is displayed when deleting a field on a template that is referenced by another field.





Collect Enterprise: Fixed Facility Tab Labels When No Facility Selected [d2850]

Fixed the Facility tab labels for the 'Group By' sorting on the Template Designer page when no facility is selected.





Collect Enterprise: Data Form Facility Drop-down When No Facility Selected or Facility Group Is Selected [d2962]

When creating a new form on the Data Forms page in Collect Enterprise, a facility drop-down option is available if the Facility session is not set or if set to a Facility Group. 





Collect Enterprise: Issue Changing Template Format [d2993]

Fixed a bug where changing the format of a template caused an error when trying to load the format tables.





Collect Mobile: Add OpenID User Authentication [d3016]

Add OpenID Connect as a user authentication method for Collect Mobile. When configured, the user may click the "Sign in with OpenID" button to be redirected to the configured OpenID Connect (OIDC) identity provider, where s/he may authenticated and then be redirected to EQuIS. 





Collect Mobile: Updated Support Versions for iOS and Android [d3098]

Added support for iOS 14 and Android 11.





Collect Mobile: Support Running with Location Services Turned Off [d3124]

Added support for running the Collect Mobile app with location services turned off.





Collect Mobile (Android): Data Entry Boxes [d3127]

Fixed issue with entry boxes border on Android.





Collect Mobile (Android 11): Reports Sharing Button Not Producing a Report [d3150]

Fixed issue when sharing reports on Android 11.





Collect Mobile: Autosync No Longer Tries Indefinitely to Download Pending Files [d3267]

The auto-download feature when synchronizing files in Collect Mobile has been modified. Collect now tries to download the files once and then stops trying until the user opens the corresponding document or explicitly asks to download a file or all files.





Collect: Fixed Stability Function Issues with Null Values [d3344]

Fixed an issue with stability functions so that null values do not impact the result of the function, unless the null value is within the set of values to be checked for stability.