Collect (7.20.3)

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Collect (7.20.3)




Collect Enterprise: Add Folder View to Template Designer and Data Forms Pages [m178451]

Added the ability to organize templates/data forms by selected columns.





Collect Enterprise: Redirect to Template List When Facility is Changed While Editing Facility-Specific Template [m183273]

If a user changes the facility while editing a facility-specific template and the new facility is not part of the selected facility group, they will be redirected to the template list.





New VI: Collect - Field EDD Report for Vapor Intrusion Module [m183376]

To support the Vapor Intrusion Module, added "VI: Collect – Field EDD" report (EarthSoft.Reports.Library.183376.dll) to use with VI Collect templates for pre-population.





Collect Enterprise: Add Notification When Saving Data Mappings [m183520]

A confirmation message dialog now displays when a data mapping is saved.





Collect Field EDD Report: Correct Spelling Mistakes [m183887]

Fixed spelling mistakes in Collect - Field EDD report.





Collect Enterprise: Keep Search Bar Visible at the Top When Scrolling Through Data Mappings [m184004]

Data mapping search does not scroll.





Collect Enterprise: Group Together Data Submissions [m184363]

The Upload Status on the Data Forms page can now be filtered by user.





Collect Mobile: Crashes When Using Map With Invalid Lat/Long Coordinates [m186264]

Fixed issue where Collect Mobile would not work if invalid lat/long coordinates were used in the Geography field and the user opened the map.





Collect Enterprise: Update Publish Template Dialog [m186512]

Updated Publish Template alert dialog box to have correct header and be sized to not need a scroll bar.





Collect Enterprise: Improved Design of Selection Dialog Windows [m186513]

Added design improvements to the filter/select dialog window that displays for various options on the Template Designer and Data Forms pages.





Collect Enterprise: Add Refresh Icon to Enterprise Pages (Template Designer, Data Forms) [m186654]

A refresh button has been added to the Template Designer and Data Forms pages to easily refresh their respective lists.





Collect Mobile: Do Not Copy Signature When Copying a Record with a Signature [m187089]

On Collect mobile when copying a record that has already been locked/signed, the signature will not be copied and the new record will not be locked.





Collect Enterprise: Mapper Ignores Disparate Keys on Target Tables [m187610]

Data mapping will no longer produce a fatal error if different keys are used when targeting the same table, however, this is fundamentally a conceptual flaw. All mappings that target the same table should define the same keys.





Collect - COC Report: Add Sample Parameter to Sample Analysis Table [m187654]

Added new features to the Collect - COC report.





Collect Enterprise: Specify User Who Locked Template [m188198]

Made improvements to template locking to remove locking error on the Collect Mobile app and to specify the user who has locked a template in Collect Enterprise.





Collect Mobile: Clicking Apply Button on Multi-image Crashes App [m188494]

Fixed an issue where clicking the Apply button for a multi-image would crash the mobile application.





Collect Mobile (iOS): Crashing When Capturing Logger Data in Intervals [m188515]

Fixed an issue where the Collect Mobile iOS application would crash when importing data from a logger using the interval button.





Collect Enterprise: Data Forms Page Download Options [m188602]

Enhanced the download options on the Data Forms page in Collect Enterprise. Users now have the option to download the raw data with or without attached files. If the data form has failed, users can download the error log.





Collect Enterprise: Auto-Select Empty Node After Clearing Formula [m188626]

After clearing a formula, the empty node is auto-selected.





Collect Enterprise: Enhanced Data Correction Feature [m188803]

Improved the user interface for the Data Correction feature.





Collect Enterprise: Enhance Combined Fields Display in Template Designer [m188877]

Modified how combined fields display in the Template Designer. Users can now collapse and expand combined fields. Rotated text fits within the space.





Collect Enterprise: Enhance Data Mapping Dialog Windows [m188878]

Enhanced the Data Mapping dialog windows to improve the user experience.





Collect Mobile: YSI ProDSS Logger Support [m188897]

Added support for YSI ProDSS loggers.





Collect Enterprise: Pre-population Parameters Do Not Save When Creating a Data Form [m188963]

Fixed an issue where incorrect parameters were saved for pre-populations when creating a new data form.





Collect COC Report: Cannot Select Samples for Multiple COCs [m188964]

Collect Mobile Hot-Fix 7.20.21153: Adjusted the COC Report selection window to show samples for more than one COC. This is needed when split samples have been collected.





Collect Enterprise: Adjust How Scroll Bar Appears on Reports Page [m188971]

On the Reports page, adjusted the scrollbar so that only the parameters are scrolled.





Collect Enterprise: Make Units in Logger Setup Required for Selected Fields [m189021]

Units in Logger Setup are now required for selected fields.





Collect Mobile: Files Not Being Added to Upload Package [m189054]

Collect Mobile Hot-Fix 7.20.21153: Fixed issue with attached file packaging when uploading to servers using EQuIS builds prior to the 7.20.2 Build.





Collect Mobile: Duplicate File Records in the File Synchronization Tab [m189195]

Collect Mobile Hot-Fix 7.20.21153: Fixed an issue where duplicate files would show in the file synchronization view.





Collect: CONTAINS Function Throwing Exceptions [m189223]

Collect Mobile Hot-Fix 7.20.21153: Fixed a performance issue associate with the CONTAINS function.





Collect: Improve Language Translations for Messages [m189247]

Improved message translations in Collect.





Collect: Formula Inefficiencies [m189302]

Collect Mobile Hot-Fix 7.20.21153: Fixed performance issue in formula processing.





Collect Mobile: Form and Sound Field Types Not Saving Updated Values [m189303]

Collect Mobile Hot-Fix 7.20.21153: Fixed an issue with saving sound field values when editing an existing record.





Collect Mobile: Apply Button in Combined Field Group is Not Dynamically Updating Formulas [m189304]

Fixed the Apply button within a combined field to update any formula fields that are displayed in the combined field.





Collect Mobile: Modifying Existing Sound Field Recording and Re-saving Crashes App [m189312]

Collect Mobile Hot-Fix 7.20.21153: Fixed an issue that would crash the app when modifying existing sound field values.





Collect Mobile: Implement Additional Login Processes [m189525]

Collect Mobile now supports EQuIS Basic Authentication, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Azure Proxy Server Authentication, and Microsoft Active Directory Federated Server.
Users also have the option to establish a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to use for Collect Mobile login, which allows user to login offline.





Collect Mobile: Crashes When Copying Record with a Signature [m189533]

Collect Mobile Hot-Fix 7.20.22157: Fixed issue crashing Collect when records with signatures are copied.





Collect Enterprise: Report Parameters Checkbox and Option Columns Not Aligned in Dialog Window [m189744]

Fixed an issue where the report parameter checkbox and option columns were not properly aligning.





Collect: Improve Performance When Using Formula Fields within Formulas [m189806]

Improved formula fields performance.





Collect Mobile: Files Not Uploaded for Template with Test Status [m190096]

Fixed an issue where attached files were not being uploaded when the template is in test mode.





Collect Mobile: Support Package Generation Fails [m190098]

Fixed an issue where the support package generation failed when template is in test mode.





Collect Enterprise: Add Message When Deleting User Group [m190154]

A message is now displayed after deleting a user group in Collect Enterprise.





Collect Enterprise: Add Key Validation to Data Mapping Validation Feature [m190441]

Added checks for consistency of key fields when validating data mappings.





Collect Enterprise: Cannot Create Data Forms with Periods or Slashes [m190445]

Periods, forward or backward slashes, and apostrophes are not allowed in the data form name when creating a data form in Collect Enterprise, or with Collect API.





Collect Mobile: Captions for Individual Fields Persist into Subsequent Combined Fields [m190657]

Fixed an issue where captions for individual fields persist into subsequent combined fields.





Collect Enterprise: Improve Cleanup of Temporary Files [m190660]

Updated Collect cleanup process to remove temporary files.





Collect Mobile: Automatically Open Edit Screen for Forms with a Single Combined Field [m190696]

When opening a form on the Collect Mobile app, if only a single combined field is visible, then the form will automatically open to the field for editing.





Collect-eCOC Report: Add New Fields [m190861]

Added two new method fields to the Collect - eCOC report: Leachate_Method and Prep_Method.





Collect Mobile: Long Login Times [m191111]

Improved login performance for sites with a huge numbers of facilities.





Collect Mobile: Use Refresh Icon Instead of Download Icon When Local Template Exists and Needs Update [m191485]

Added a refresh icon for individual templates (instead of a download icon) when a locally available template has been changed on the server.





Collect Mobile: Unresponsive When Pasting Large Text into Masked Text Field [m191644]

Fixed an issue when pasting large amounts of text (long values) into text fields.





Collect Field EDD Report: Add New Leachate and Prep Method Fields [m191989]

When the leachate and prep methods are set in the contract method in SPM, these fields are included in the Collect Field EDD report.