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Collect Enterprise: Form Template Design Updates [m151670]

When creating/editing a template form, fields added to the form will be green. The last added field will be dark green and bold.





Collect Enterprise: Create New Form from Existing EDD [m158578]

Added ability to create a new Form from an existing EDD.





Collect Enterprise: Add Selector Import When Creating Form Template [m159683]

Added the ability to choose what worksheets to import when importing options from a spreadsheet.





Collect Mobile: Ability to Search on the Selector [m159687]

Added search bar to selector fields (selector, multi-selector, group selector, group multi-selector).





Collect Enterprise: Map Filtering Not Working with Esri 4.8 [m159951]

Fixed issues so that map filtering works with Esri version 4.8.





Collect Enterprise: New User Group Dialog [m161171]

User group name can now contain 'new'.





Collect Enterprise: Enhance Test Mode Saving [m161236]

Template in test mode will automatically increment version when template form is saved.





Collect Enterprise: Clear Cache Button on Map [m162596]

A new button is added to the map setup dialog to clear the report cache so new features will display on the map.





Collect Enterprise: Form Designer Displays Active Attributes [m163221]

Active attributes will show on the field display in the form.





Functions: Added AUTONUM [m165060]

Implemented AutoNum function to facilitate ID generation.





Collect Mobile: Logger Integration [m166261]

The user can read values from a data logger on Collect Mobile.





Collect Enterprise: Logger Integration [m166476]

Added a feature for setting up logger integration.





Collect Enterprise: Forward Slash in Form Name within a Form Template [m166706]

Form names no longer allow forward slash.





In-Situ Bluetooth Communication with Collect [Android + UWP / backend] [m167233]

Added a few simple unit conversions. For example, if a probe provides temperature in degrees C and user wants temperature in degrees F, convert it from one to the other. (This is part of the functionality that allows the UI/user to find a parameter in the list of parameters obtained from the probe.)





Collect: Blank EDDs Not Pushed to EDP [m168676]

Collect does not push to EDP if the EDD is blank.





Collect Enterprise: Field Edit Dialog User Interface [m168808]

Made user interface improvements to the Edit Field dialog.





Collect Enterprise: Problems Loading Form Fields in Microsoft Edge [m168827]

Collect is compatible with Microsoft Edge browser.





Collect: Typo in Popup [m168845]

Fixed misspelling of word in popup message.





Collect Enterprise: Improve Reference Table Data Retrieval [m168954]

Collect will only need to load RT tables once. Collect will keep the list of tables until the Collect is closed or the widow is refreshed. Users can search for RT tables when selecting one.





Collect Mobile: Location Services Login Issue on Windows [m169260]

Fixed issue where app crashes after login when location services is turned off.





Collect Mobile: Grid Row Deleting [m169264]

Fixed issue deleting records on UWP.





Collect Mobile: Edit Grid View Record Value and Create Static Header [m169265]

Added ability to edit an individual cell in the grid view.





Collect: New Field Form Attachments [m169378]

Users can now attach reports and files in DT_FILE when creating a form.





Collect: Format Opening Performance [m169886]

Improved performance of opening Forms within a template.





Collect Enterprise: Update "download CSV" Caption to Something More Accurate [m169901]

Changed text from "Download CSV" to "Download Raw Data" in Status/Download Dialog under Forms Tab.





In-Situ Bluetooth Low Energy Communication with Collect [Android + iOS + UWP / backend] [m170080]

Allow Collect to communicate with In-Situ probes that have the latest firmware version (i.e., that use Bluetooth Low Energy).





Collect Mobile: Added Space to End of Server Address Causes App to Freeze [m170106]

Fixed issue with validation on URL entry in login screen.





Collect Enterprise: Formula Builder Updates [m170163]

Made a variety of user interface updates for the Formula Builder.





Collect Mobile: Ability to Search on the Record List [m170184]

Added search bar to record list.





Collect Mobile: Forms/Template View [m170240]

Removed showing templates list from Forms/Templates screen by default.





Collect Enterprise: Pre-Population Clear Button [m170280]

Clear button has been added to the pre-population dialog that will allow the user to clear all pre-populations.





Collect Enterprise: Linked Mappings That Have Been Deleted Not Recognized [m170291]

Fixed a bug where linked mappings were not being properly deleted.





Collect Mobile: Crashes When Clicking the 'next' Arrow at the End of a Form [m170306]

Fixed issue refreshing parameters list.





Collect Mobile: Launching Collect Via a URI [m170503]

Added URL detection scheme to launch Collect via an URL.





Collect Mobile: Windows App Does Not Display "Sync" Button [m170545]

Added sync button to UWP.





Collect Enterprise: Change "Save As" Dialog Message [m170567]

Changed the Save As dialog message to be more generic since this message is used in multiple places in Collect.





Collect Mobile: Clarify Data Sync Conflict Wizard [m170574]

Updated style for the sync conflict wizard.





Collect Enterprise: Formula Builder User Interface Case Sensitive [m170613]

The Formula Builder is now not case sensitive.





Functions: Make All String Comparisons Case Insensitive [m170674]

All string comparison functions are now case insensitive.





Functions: Added NUMVALUE and UNITVALUE [m170688]

Added NUMVALUE and UNITVALUE functions to facilitate extraction of units or values from strings.





Collect Schema Updates [m170728]

Updated Collect Schema to include the EQuIS.refresh, fixes missing euid columns in database tables.





Collect Enterprise: Pre-Population and Mapping User Interface Improvements [m170817]

Made a variety of user interface improvements to the pre-population and data mapping dialogs.





Collect: Combined Fields Improvements [m171200]

Added the fields date, datetime, time, and longstring as combine field. Removed the validations that avoid save empty values.





Collect: Child Form Population Error Messages [m171391]

Added better error messages if mapping fails when populating child forms using pre-population.





Collect: Make Linked Mappings Work on the Collect Model [m171404]

Parent child relations on the collect model can be achieved by specifying the target field as #parent_#id to set the parent form ID of the child form.





Collect Enterprise: Editable Form Field Attribute Buttons [m171435]

On the Template Form page, the fields have an attribute preview that looks like a button. When clicked, this button will open the formula editor for that attribute.





Collect Enterprise: View Pre-Population Button [m171835]

A button has been added for viewing the template pre-population data on both the template edit page and the template preview page.





Functions: Add FORMATNUM [m172253]

Added FORMATNUM function to facilitate numeric value formatting.





Collect Enterprise: Formula Field Needs to Have Scale [m172263]

The formula field now has the scale property.





Collect - Logger record button never creates a new record [m172503]

Fixed issue with logger when the user creates new records.