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EQuIS Collect Standard Reports [m149680]

Collect API Standard Reports updated to allow the location to be displayed on the map for Collect Mobile.





Collect Enterprise: Field Feature Attribute Updates [m151669]

On the Edit Field page, attributes will show details when mouse hovers over them.





Added Form Filter Attribute [m155661]

Added Form Filter attribute to Form type fields, which allows users to define a boolean formula that operates on each of the target form rows to determine if that form should be available in the form drop-down menu.





Collect Enterprise: Editable Columns on Form Designer Page [m159672]

The mouse cursor changes from the default arrow to a pointer when hovering over clickable items on the Form Designer page.





Collect Enterprise Map Page: Enhanced Report Layer Editing [m159675]

When editing a report layer on the Map page, clicking a table field in the Layer Editing window will add it to the selected main/title text area.





Collect Enterprise: Clear Data Sets from Template [m160123]

Added Clear button to allow for a reset of Start and End fields when configuring Data Sets on a form template.





Collect Enterprise Reports Window View [m160859]

Changes to the user interface in Collect Enterprise ensure that the entire User Report name is displayed in the dialog window regardless of browser size.





Collect Field EDD Report to Support SPM [m161941]

Expanded Collect Field EDD report to support SPM scheduled activities, water levels, and samples in Collect.





Collect Mobile: Map Forms Viewer [m162527]

Implemented a Map View feature that allows users to manage forms using their locations on a map.





Send Collect EDDs to Third Party Remote Site [m162904]

This feature adds the ability to send Collect EDDs to a third party EQuIS 6 site via remote connection or FTP.





Added Mapping Error Messages [m163122]

Collect will alert the user when an EDD cannot send to EDP.





Collect Mobile: Map Control Fails on UWP When Localization Services Are Turned Off [m163231]

Fixed bug that caused the map control to fail on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) when localization services are turned off.





Collect Enterprise: Autosave Feature Disruption When Form Building [m163628]

Fixed a bug with the autosave feature in Collect Enterprise that occurred when editing a custom field in the Form Builder.





Collect Entrprise: Modify Data Mapping Window to Improve Performance [m164255]

Modified the Data Mapping window to improve performance, especially when adding a large amount of mappings.





Collect Enterprise: Updates to User Interface [m164531]

Updated toolbar search and fixed issue with sending to EDP twice.





Collect Enterprise Map Page: Cannot Enter Date in Date Filter [m164715]

Fixed a bug when manually entering text in the date filter on the Map page in Collect Enterprise.





Enable Nested Aggregate Functions [m164847]

Enabled the usage of nested aggregate functions.





Collect Enterprise: Edit Combined Fields [m164941]

Added the ability to edit combined fields.





Performance Issues When Using Aggregate Functions [m164946]

Fixed performance issues for aggregate functions.





Collect Mobile: Default Numeric Keyboard for Numeric Fields [m164948]

Added default numeric keyboard when entering data in decimal and integer fields.





Collect Mobile: Template and Forms Verification on Startup [m164992]

Added template and form verification on startup





Form Field Default Value Not Working [m165001]

Enabled default form field values.





Allow Escape Characters in Formulas [m165020]

Added escape characters to formulas to allow multiple line outputs.





Collect Mobile: Add Formula Fields to Combined Fields [m165125]

Enabled formula fields to be combined with non-formula fields. Added an Apply button to the field entry dialog.





Collect Mobile: Update Formulas and Defaults in Combined Fields [m165128]

Added an Apply button to field entry dialogs to allow immediate formula and default value updates when in combined fields.





Record Sorting on Forms Not Working [m165271]

Fixed record sorting in main forms and child forms.





Improve Use of Negative Values in Collect Forms [m165377]

Modified Collect forms to allow users to enter a negative sign when inputting decimal or integer values. The negative sign will not be accepted without adding a number to the form.





Collect Enterprise: 'Visible' and 'Remove' Buttons Too Large on Options Tab in Firefox Browser [m165755]

Corrected button alignment to allow editing an Options tab for a Selector field.





Add Cascading Delete to Collect Schema for Reports [m165786]

Added cascading delete to Collect Schema for reports. Thus, reports can be deleted through Collect with no issues.





Add Form Template Name to Collect Data Files [m165835]

Added the form template name to Collect data files.





Collect Enterprise: Updates to Support Map Forms Viewer [m165848]

The Forms Template Designer has been enhance to build forms that support a map view on the mobile device. A Map Field option and a Style attribute button have been added. The Map Field allows the use of geography field(s) to display and view the form records in a map view, with pin locators, on the mobile device. The Style attribute button is used to control the style of the data points on the mobile device.





Collect Entrprise: Add Formula Fields to Combineable Fields [m166006]

Added formula fields to the list of fields that can be combined.





Collect Enterprise: User Interface Updates [m166008]

Enhanced user interface with the following updates:
- Ability to add empty string in formula builder.
- Version added to the form name in form list.
- Forms get deleted with design mode template.





Flag for Clearing Non-Visiable Fields [m166039]

Added a new property when editing a field for clearing invisible fields. This feature is useful to save the field information from pre-populated forms with hidden/invisible fields when a new record is generated and subsequently saved.





Collect Enterprise: User Groups Issues [m166126]

Fixed issue where users were not appropriately showing on the User Groups page of a Collect Enterprise dashboard.





Collect Mobile: Show Decimal Fields Correctly in Portuguese, French, and Spanish [m166132]

Fixed decimal entry issue for Spanish, French, and Portuguese languages.





Collect Mobile: Add Grid View [m166233]

Added option to display forms as either in "Grid View" or "Header View."





Collect Enterprise: Add Grid View Support [m166243]

Added support for setting up grid view on Collect Mobile. Also added a new dialog to the form to easily see all fields added to the grid. GridHeader and GridValue attributes have been added to every field for defining how the field will display in the grid on the mobile device.





Collect Enterprise: Multi-Select Form Field [m166515]

Updated form field type to allow the user to select multiple records from another form on the mobile device.





Support Azure Active Directory for User Authentication [m166555]

If configured, users may be authenticated with Azure Active Directory (AAD). A "Sign in with Microsoft" button will be visible on the login screen.





Collect Enterprise Issues [m166562]

A variety of issues with Collect Enterprise were resolved.
- Formula Builder node does not disappear when removing its value.
- Form Designer and Forms List now support sorting.
- Improved form template preview image.
- Cancel button available when adding new custom field.
- Save warning implemented when exiting the forms edit page.





Stability Functions Not Working as Expected with Multiple Parents [m167074]

Fixed issue with stability functions that use the filter.