System Tables - ST_USAGE

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System Tables - ST_USAGE

ST_USAGE tracks the use of EQuIS objects and processes such as EDDs loaded, DQM events created, and reports run.


ST_USAGE is used in the Report of Reports, and data from ST_USAGE is used to generate the ST_REPORT_USE view (listed under Views, not ST_TABLES). ST_REPORT_USE was a table in v6.x but it was replaced with the broader ST_USAGE in v7.x, and a view of the former table was created for backwards compatibility.


For databases that are not hosted by EarthSoft, the following permissions must be granted to read only ALS roles (shown in example below as "EQuIS_ALS_ReadOnly") to ensure that usage from these users is written to the ST_USAGE table.



DENY DELETE ON dbo.st_usage TO [EQuIS_ALS_ReadOnly];