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RT_GEO_UNIT_TYPE is the classification or category for the units in RT_GEO_UNIT. RT_GEO_UNIT_TYPE might be described as Generalized Hydrostratigraphy, Hydrostratigraphy, Geologic Epoch, Horizons, and MODFLOW Layers in the below example.




An example of Hydrostratigraphy and Soil Horizons in the populated RT_GEO_UNIT_TYPE, RT_GEOLOGIC_UNIT, and AT_GEO_UNIT tables are:




RT_GEO_UNIT_TYPE.GEO_UNIT_NUMBER field corresponds to the GEO_UNIT_CODE_1 through _5 fields in DT_LITHOLOGY, as shown here:




For ease of use with third-party interfaces, renaming the RT_GEO_UNIT_TYPE.GEO_UNIT_TYPE fields (e.g. "GEOLOGICUNIT1") is not recommended. The GEO_UNIT_TYPE_DESC fields may be changed instead to add descriptions of each type as needed.


The DT_LITHOLOGY.GEO_UNIT_CODE fields are designed to store additional types of geologic data and are populated by RT_GEOLOGIC_UNIT. Several geology-based third-party interfaces, such as EQuIS for EVS and Rockworks make use of these additional layer types.