Configure EQuIS On-Premises Gateway for

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Configure EQuIS On-Premises Gateway for

EarthSoft hopes to receive Microsoft certification for our Data Connector later this year. Until then, it is still considered a “custom connector”. The only way to make a “custom connector” available to is to use Microsoft’s on-premises gateway as described here:


To access the EQuIS Data Connector in Power BI, the connector file (EQuIS.pqx) needs to be available. Download the EQuIS.pqx file from the Products\Power BI Data Connector folder on the Downloads Dashboard on EarthSoft Community Center (ECC).


Someone with administrative privileges in your Office 365 tenant must install the on-premises gateway in “standard mode”. The gateway software must be installed on a server machine (either physical server or virtual server). Once the gateway is installed and connected to your Office 365 tenant, then deploy the EQuIS Data Connector (EQuIS.pqx) as follows:

Create a folder and copy the EQuIS.pqx file into that folder.

Grant full permission on that folder to the domain account used by the gateway (e.g., NT SERVICE\PBIEgwService).

Start the gateway configuration application.

Click on Connectors.

Browse to the folder that contains the EQuIS.pqx file.

Click on Service Settings and restart the gateway.

After restart, click on Connectors.

Ensure that "EQuIS" shows up in the list of connectors.




Share the gateway in


Once the connector is correctly configured in the on-premises gateway, it will be available within your tenant. The administrator who configured the on-premises gateway can share the gateway with other users (e.g., EQuIS power users who need to publish datasets) as follows:

Login to

Click the settings icon (top-right corner) and choose Manage gateways.

Find the gateway machine in the GATEWAY CLUSTERS list and select it.

Click the Administrators tab.

Add the necessary users as gateway administrators.