Live Database Import Agent (Microsoft SQL)

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Live Database Import Agent (Microsoft SQL)

The Database Import Agent is a Live agent/report available in EQuIS Live (in EarthSoft.Live.Reports.dll) for importing data from Microsoft SQL Server databases (EQuIS or not) into EQuIS Live.


Also see ODBC Import Agent, for importing data from database management systems (DBMS) into EQuIS Live, using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).



Importing Data


The Database Import Agent can be run as a scheduled EQuIS Information Agent (EIA), at the desired frequency, to automatically import data as often as needed. Or it can be run outside of EQuIS Enterprise, as a Windows Service, using the Agent Service.


The Database Import Agent has the following input parameters.




Connection Name

DT_LOGGER.LIVE_DATA_SOURCE is set to 'EarthSoft.Live.Reports.DatabaseImportAgent: ' plus this value.

Database Type

Database type from which this agent will be importing data.


Only SQL Server is supported at this time.

Connection String

Connection string to the database from which this agent will be importing data.


Example: Data; User ID=live.logger; Password=your.password; Database=DBNAME; Connection Timeout=600;


SQL SELECT statement used to import data from the database.


Example: SELECT 'logger' as logger_code, sensor_name as series_name, sensor_desc as series_desc, value_date as datum_utc_dt, value_num as datum_value, value_flag as datum_qualifier WHERE value_date > @dt


where @dt is the minimum date time of all of the Database source series' most recent date times in the EQuIS Live database (in DT_LOGGER_DATUM.DATUM_UTC_DT).

UTC Data Offset(s)

The UTC offset, in hours, used to convert from a local database source date time to the UTC date time in the EQuIS Live database (in DT_LOGGER_DATUM.DATUM_UTC_DT).


Example: -5 for Eastern Standard Time (EST).

SAVE changes to database?

Check this box to save the imported data to the EQuIS Live database, or uncheck it to display a summary of the imported data without saving it.