VI Building Parameter

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VI Building Parameter

Report Name: VI Building Parameter (example)

File Name: EarthSoft.Reports.Library.157625.dll

Dependencies: Vapor Intrusion Schema

Software: EQuIS Professional and EQuIS Enterprise

Source: EQuIS Professional install, EQuIS Enterprise install + Vapor Intrusion Module (EarthSoft Community Center > Products > Vapor Intrusion)

Language: English

Output Type: Report Grid with options for Excel1


Description: The VI Building Parameter report generates output of the building parameters and building inspection information for the selected building codes while also including the locations associated with the selected buildings. The vapor intrusion implementation assumes that buildings are a subfacility type and that individual buildings are identified with a SUBFACILITY_CODE. Building parameters are defined as subfacility parameters.


Installation Instructions: This report requires the Vapor Intrusion Schema applied to the database. The VI Building Parameter report (EarthSoft.Reports.Library.157625.dll) is available for download in the Products\Vapor Intrusion folder on the Downloads Dashboard on the EarthSoft Community Center. For Enterprise use, this report should be published to the database. The report will be available for selection once it has been published.


Overview: The VI Building Parameter report enables data analysis and drilling down to single or multiple Building Parameters starting from the Building level to the Location level.


For output of all building parameters specific to a building(s), select the SUBFACILITY_CODE(s) under the Building Code(s) parameter. The output of this selection will include all building parameters for the selected building(s). Note the Building Parameter(s) parameter may be useful for identifying buildings of interest, since it displays parameter-building associations.


For output specific to a building parameter(s) of interest, select the desired PARAM_CODE under the Building Parameter(s) parameter.  Unless Building Code(s) input is specified as well, the output will include the Building Parameter(s) from all buildings found in the dataset. The Building Parameter(s) parameter displays the SUBFACILITY_CODE column for reference only; this input parameter does not apply filtering at the building level.


Note: Duplication at the Building level can occur based on locations. Buildings and Building Parameters have a one-to-many relationship. Buildings and Locations also have a one-to-many relationship. Thus, when Buildings, Building Parameters, and Locations are combined, the report output will result in duplicating Building and Building Parameters, as the Building Parameters attributes of one Building will be passed down and inherited at each Location associated with that Building. This is useful for the user that wants to see the Building Parameters of a Building in relation to a certain Location at the end of the data drill-down.





Report Parameters

Task Code(s)



Building Code(s)

A multi-select lookup from DT_SUBFACILITY_PARAMETER.SUBFACILITY_CODE. The available inputs are filtered by Task Code(s) selection, if any.

Building Parameter(s)

A multi-select lookup from DT_SUBFACILITY_PARAMETER.PARAMETER_CODE. The available inputs are filtered by Building Code(s) selection, if any.



Parameter for selecting location type(s). The available inputs are filtered according to selected building codes and building parameters above.


Parameter for selecting individual location(s). The available inputs are filtered according to selected building codes, building parameters, and location types above.


Parameter for selecting location group(s). This is populated according to standard location group selection. No special filtering applied.



Known Behaviors Using VI Building Parameter Report


Task Code Data Prerequisites: For this report to return results using the Task Code filter, the task code from the DT_SUBFACILITY table must match the task code from the DT_BUILDING_INSPECTION table (i.e., DT_SUBFACILITY.TASK_CODE = DT_BUILDING_INSPECTION.TASK_CODE). Since the DT_SUBFACILITY table allows only one TASK_CODE per subfacility, multiple task associations in the DT_BUILDING_INSPECTION table are not supported. No checks are provided in the 7.20.4 Build that would ensure this requirement is met. Therefore, users must check to ensure the correct data setup.


Extra Blank Row in a Parameter List: An extra blank row may occur in the selection list of the following parameters: Building Code(s), Building Parameter(s), Locations Type(s), and Location Individual(s). The extra blank row functions the same as the "Clear Selected button".



1Excel report output requires a valid license of Microsoft Excel to view the output.