gINT Export

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gINT Export

Report Name: gINT Export (example)

File Name: EarthSoft.Interfaces.gINT.dll

Dependencies: Licensed Geotechnical Module and Geotechnical Schema

Software: EQuIS Professional

Source: EQuIS Professional install + Geotechnical Module (EarthSoft Community Center > Products > Geotechnical)

Language: English

Output Type: Excel1


Description: The gINT Export report exports gINT tables from EQuIS databases using the GDX mapping. The export is a Microsoft Excel workbook that can be used to create gINT projects.


Installation Instructions: This report requires a licensed Geotechnical module and the Geotechnical Schema applied to the database. This report will be available after installing the Geotechnical module.



The report export tables and fields defined in the GDX file. The SQL query is dynamic and depends on the GDX file.


Report Parameters

gINT gdx Mapping

Parameter to select the GDX file for table and field exports.



Parameter for selecting individual locations.


Parameter for selecting location groups.



1Excel report output requires a valid license of Microsoft Excel to view the output.