DQM Event Report

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DQM Event Report

Report Name: DQM Event Report

File Name: EarthSoft.Reports.Library.63867.dll

Dependencies: Licensed DQM and DQM Schema

Software: EQuIS DQM, EQuIS Professional

Source: EQuIS Professional Install (DQM)

Language: English

Output Type: Excel1


At any point during or after the data validation review, saved DQM Events can be exported by running this DQM Event Report or by using the DQM Events Export Form. The report produces a selectable variety of tabs in an Excel report output.


Installation Instructions: This report requires a licensed EQuIS DQM and the DQM Schema applied to the database. The report is included in the EQuIS Professional install when the DQM feature has been enabled during installation.



The possible tabs include:


The Event Summary as it appears on the DQM Event Review Form

Exceptions on a single tab sorted by check, sample or chemical

Exceptions on separate tabs for each check and/or sample

oThese Exceptions reports include results with DQM identified exceptions as well as any results with manually added qualifiers.

All Results containing all analytical results in the dataset with the associated qualifiers and DQM remarks

A Validation Report tab with column options and footnotes:

oDefault required columns including Qualifiers and Reason Codes

oAdditional columns available via report parameter selection

oFootnotes with any applied Reason Codes, with their respective Descriptions


Select the DQM Event Report.


Select the saved DQM Event and other input parameters for exporting data from the Event:


Report Parameters

DQM Event

Include Event Summary:

Check box to include event summary. Default: True.

Include Event Exception by Check

Check box to include event exception by check. Default: False.

Include Event Exception by Sample

Check box to include event exception by Worksheet. Default: False.

Include Event Exception on single Worksheet

Default: Check

Include All results

Check box to include all results. Default: True.

Validation Report Worksheet

Include Validation Report

Additional Columns


1Excel report output requires a valid license of Microsoft Excel to view the output.