Bulk EDD Loader

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Bulk EDD Loader

Form Name: Bulk EDD Loader

File Name: EarthSoft.Forms.Library.77262.dll

Software: EQuIS Professional

Source: Available for the EarthSoft Primary Point of Contact (POC) on the EarthSoft Community Center downloads dashboard > Products > Additional Resources > v7.0


Description: The Bulk EDD Loader is a form in EQuIS Professional for loading large amounts of data quickly. The form skips the format checks performed in EDP, reducing the time in loading and committing the data.


Installation Instructions: Download the Bulk EDD Loader form from the EarthSoft Community Center, unblock the *.zip file and extract the DLL to the EQuIS Professional installation folder. For default installations this directory is C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS. The form will be available for selection once Professional has been relaunched.




1.Open the Bulk EDD Loader form in EQuIS Professional

2.Select an EDP format file

3.Select a section from the format

4.Select the EDD to preview the data and verify the data matches the selected section

5.Commit the data using Insert Only, Insert and Merge, Insert and Update or Insert and Replace


If a row fails the commit, it will be added to an error EDD, which has the same name as the original EDD ending with "_error" and located in the same directory.


Note: Only one section at a time can be committed; that section must contain all the appropriate mappings. For example, if the section maps to DT_RESULT, then it must also have a mapping to DT_TEST and DT_SAMPLE.