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An Isopleth is a three-variable graph in which the horizontal axis shows time, the vertical axis shows depth/elevation, and the body of the graph shows the value of a given parameter. The following steps illustrate the process of generating an Isopleth. The Isopleth uses data from DT_BASIC_RESULT.


Open Isopleth Window


Click the Isopleth button Isopleth-16, located in the Graphic Tools group on the Home tab, to open the Isopleth window.


Create an Isopleth


1.Select a Location.

2.Select an Analyte.

3.Select dates by clicking and dragging or by pressing and holding the Shift key, and clicking.

4.Click Show.


The Isopleth should now display.




Note: The Isopleth contour now allows you to export color, greyscale, and a classic contour.


Enhance the Isopleth


Modifications can be made to the Isopleth graph in the same way as for the vertical profile.


Note: An Excel Isopleth export feature now exists that allows you to build a 3D view from result data. The Isopleth uses Nearest-Neighbor to interpolate missing values creating a contiguous 3D mesh from a non-contiguous XYZ input set.