Applying Licenses

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Applying Licenses

Register EQuIS Enterprise with a Network License

1.In EQuIS 7, Enterprise licenses are applied through EQuIS Professional: Applying Network Licenses.

2.When updating licenses, follow the steps in the article above and then append "default.aspx?action=deploy" to the Enterprise URL (e.g., https://localhost/equis7/default.aspx?action=deploy).

3.Confirm the Enterprise licenses in the Role Manager on the Administration Dashboard.

4.If the Enterprise license level changes, login and assign all active users to the new Enterprise license role.



1.Enterprise Workflow Service must be restarted each time license keys are applied.

2.License keys are exclusive to the Computer ID/Server ID and cannot be used interchangeably.

3.For a user to be able to access EQuIS Enterprise, they need to be assigned to an Enterprise license role.