Unencrypted Format Files

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Unencrypted Format Files

Unencrypted Format files (*.xsd) may be modified to meet a user's specific needs. The formats are written in XML and may be edited using a text editor.


Modifications to EarthSoft standard format files are not supported under the EarthSoft Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA). If modifications are made to these formats, it is required that the formats are renamed to include your company name. This will also ensure that the modified formats will not be overwritten during any EQuIS updates. The help article Making Changes to Format Files explains the renaming process.


Formats that are unencrypted will require a general "EQuIS Data Processor" license key.


Unencrypted format files of encrypted formats can be provided to clients who have executed the Source Code License Agreement (SCLA) and maintain a current EarthSoft Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA).