Standard and Proprietary EDD Formats

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Standard and Proprietary EDD Formats

Standard Formats


Standard EQuIS EDD (Electronic Data Deliverable) formats are located in the EarthSoft Formats folder (e.g., \EarthSoft\EQuIS\Formats\EarthSoft). Most of the standard formats are unencrypted.


The .xsd files contain all of the mapping information for the format.

There is a .vb that corresponds to the .xsd. The .vb file contains all of the special handling and business rules.


Both files can be opened with NotePad or any XML editor.


To download EDD formats and specifications, please contact the EarthSoft Help Desk.


Note: If changes are made to the format (.xsd) or .vb files, EarthSoft recommends that the files be renamed so that the default format files within EQuIS can still be used. For example, if changing ESBasic.xsd, save the new file as "ESBasic01.xsd."


Proprietary Formats


Proprietary EQuIS EDD (Electronic Data Deliverable) formats are formats that were requested and designed for a third party. An example of a proprietary format is the EPA Region format. Proprietary EDD formats are located in their own directory in the \Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS\Formats\ folder.


The format files, .xse, and the .vbe containing business rules are encrypted.


Please also see the following link for a list of proprietary formats and their download pages:


For more information about obtaining and registering a proprietary format, please email