Resolving Errors

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Resolving Errors

To resolve an error when creating an EDD, complete the following steps.

1.Locate the cell with the error. The offending cell will be highlighted. The errors are color-coded as shown in the image below.

2.Change the value until it conforms to a correct value. The error cells will display a tooltip describing the error and the values that are acceptable.

3.The errors in the data files are indicated by color-coded cells.  The default color codings are shown below.




Note: To customize the default color-coding, click the File tab or the EDP Application button EDP_Icon in the top-left corner, then 'Options' and then expand 'Appearances' and select an attribute to modify.


Tip: If the error is valid, right-click and select Add Value to change or add the value to the database.


It is also possible to save an error log.


Office Hour Video


The Office Hour video Resolving EDD Errors, Part 1 can be viewed on Screencast or from the EarthSoft Office Hours Videos webpage. Resolving EDD Errors, Part II can also be viewed on Screencast or here.