Error Opening Format (Unable to Read Format File,

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Error Opening Format (Unable to Read Format File,

Affected Software/Reports/DLL(s): EDP, EDGE


Affected Software Version: N/A


Symptoms: An error can occur when trying to open a format file in EDP which calls an Enumeration file:


"Unable to read Format File: [Path to Format File] Type '[Format]:[Enumeration Field]" is not declared."


The error message references the path to the *.xsd/*.xse as well as the EDD format and field declared by the enum file.




Cause/Details: This error occurs if the Enumeration file for the format is:


1.Not present in the same directory as the other format files or

2.Present in the same directory as the other format files, but is named incorrectly, or

3.Incorrectly referenced within the *.xsd file.


Resolution/Workaround: For Internet Explorer users, follow the steps below.


1.Obtain the most current enumeration file from your project manager or contact the EarthSoft Help Desk.

2.Correctly rename the enumeration file.

3.Check for and correct references within the .xsd file.


Note: In order to represent <, >, <=, and >= in the enumeration file, the following lines with xml formatting should be entered in the correct enumeration section:


<xs:enumeration value="&lt;" />

<xs:enumeration value="&gt;" />

<xs:enumeration value="&lt;=" />

<xs:enumeration value="&gt;=" />


You may also try unzipping the format files before trying to open the format in EDP.