Collect Mobile Filter and Search Options

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Collect Mobile Filter and Search Options


Ability to Search Selector Fields


Selector fields (all selector field types; Selector, MultiSelector, Group Selector, Group MultiSelector) allow the ability to search through a list of options. On the Forms tab in Collect Mobile, a search bar is located atop the selector options list. Searching begins upon character entry into the search bar (i.e., no need to hit “enter”).


Note: The search feature is only available when the display mode for the selector fields is set as a list and not as buttons.



Ability to Search Records List


Search Bar

On the Forms tab in Collect Mobile, a search bar is located on top of the records list to be able to search for a specific record (ID). To search for a record, enter the search text in the search bar and hit Enter. The records will search for any matches in the record IDs.


Barcode Scanner

The barcode scanner feature is another way to filter/search the Records list on the Forms tab in Collect Mobile. The barcode scanner feature is ideally designed to work with pre-populated forms, where the user in the field can scan a barcode and filter the record from the pre-populated records list. To access the barcode scanner, tap the barcode scan button Col-Mobile-Camera_Icon to the right of the search bar in the top of the screen.

Scan a code. The records list should be filtering by the text of the barcode.





The Filter feature is available in the top right of the Forms tab. The Filter feature shows a legend of which icons represent the different form statuses. The user can decide whether to show or hide forms of any status by selecting or deselecting that option and tapping Apply. The image below shows the out-of-the-box setup, in which all forms will be displayed unless they are marked as "Complete" or have been deleted.




Explanations of statuses:


Some statuses will be reported back to the user's mobile app automatically after pushing data to Enterprise. When the form has been accepted, but no EDD has been processed by Enterprise EDP, the orange "Received and Processing" icon will show. If the EDD has processed with no errors, the green "Pass" icon will show. If the EDD failed data checks in EDP, the red "Fail" will show.


The "Complete" and "Deleted" status display if user went to Forms > Edit and chose to mark the form as Complete or Deleted.


"Upload" will appear when changes in a form have been saved and the device is connected to the internet. Thus, data can be pused to Enterprise.


"Download" will appear if a new form or template has been made available and has not been downloaded to the device yet.


"Developer Mode" refers to form templates that are in Test mode. This also applies to any Forms that are planned or started based on testing form templates.