Combine Fields on Collect Forms

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Combine Fields on Collect Forms

The Combine Fields feature in Collect Enterprise allows fields to be grouped, easily viewed, and have data entered together on a form. Multiple groups can be created but each field can only be added to one group. This feature works with String (not long string), Numerical (integer and decimal), Selector (all types), Timer, Form, and Formula fields types. Grouped fields will be displayed on the Collect Mobile app under the Group Name and will appear as a form field.


Once the group is selected on the device, it will open and display all the field(s) available for data entry within the group in a page style format.



Note: The visibility attribute will not be honored for fields that are part of a combined fields. Thus, hidden fields (visibility attribute set to false) and their default/calculated values will be displayed if they are used in combined fields. When designing the form, do not include hidden fields in the combined fields group.



Add Combine Fields


To combine fields together as a group, click the Combine Fields button on the Fields section of the Form Setup page on the Template Designer page.


A Combine Fields dialog box will appear displaying the available fields. Create a Group Name and check the boxes of the specific fields to be added to the group. Click the OK button at the bottom right of the window. If a Group Name is not specified, a generic Group Name (Combined-1, Combined-2, etc.) will be created.


The selected fields will become part of the combined fields group and will be displayed within a tan box. The name of the combined fields group is to the left of the group in a vertical orientation.


Combined fields are an expandable and collapsible group. When first created, the combined fields group are expanded. To collapse a combined fields group, click the minus sign (-) above the editing Col-Field_Edit_Icon icon. The combined fields group will collapse to a single entry of the form. Click the plus sign (+) to the left of the combined field name to expand the fields.


A combined fields group can also be part of a larger group of fields. In the example below, the combined fields group "Field Parameters" is a member of the "Field Parameters Group". See the Add Group article for more details.



Tip: To ensure that fields with defined Visibility attributes are not missed in a combined field group when using Collect Mobile, it is ideal to apply the same formula used in the Visibility attribute to the Required attribute as well. This will ensure that if a field is made Visible it will also be made Required to ensure that data is entered in that field before saving the record.


Note: If all fields on a form section are part of a single combined field grouping, when opening that section of the form in Collect Mobile it will directly open the combined field view.



Edit Combine Fields


To edit a Combine Field group, click on the Edit Col-Field_Edit_Icon icon beside the combined fields in the field display. A Combine Fields dialog box will appear displaying the fields available. Fields in red have been added to combined field groups and fields in black are available to be added. To add field(s) to a combined group, check the boxes of the specific fields to be added to the group. To remove fields from a combined group, uncheck the field(s) assigned to the group. To remove a group, uncheck all fields assigned to the group.


In addition to checking/unchecking fields in the Combine Fields dialog box, fields can be dragged in/out of groups. If the field is not allowed to be combined, it will push out of the group automatically when dragged. To remove a group, drag all fields out of the specific group.