Downhole Intervals

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Downhole Intervals

The Downhole Interval plot is used to post soil classification, descriptions, or other properties. These intervals may be filled with hatch patterns based on the contents of the underlying data fields or the text contents of the data fields may be simply plotted. The former are typically used as a visual representation of changes in soil classifications, while the text contents are used to convey text descriptions of various kinds.


For non-EQuIS users, the source of data for these downhole plots is the Borings tab or table. The standard data fields or any optional data fields created by the user in the Borings tab are selectable for plotting.


For EQuIS users, selectable data sources include both DT_LITHOLOGY and DT_SAMPLE_PARAMETER. Any one of the the following fields from DT_LITHOLOGY may be selected: REMARK_1, REMARK_2, MATERIAL_NAME, GEO_UNIT_CODE_1, GEO_UNIT_CODE_2, GEO_UNIT_CODE_3, GEO_UNIT_CODE_4, GEO_UNIT_CODE_5, MOISTURE, PERMEABLE, COLOR, OBSERVATION, GRAINSIZE, ODOR, CUSTOM_FIELD_1, CUSTOM_FIELD_2, CUSTOM_FIELD_3, CUSTOM_FIELD_4, or CUSTOM_FIELD_5 or the contents of DT_SAMPLE_PARAMETER.PARAM_VALUE. For DT_SAMPLE_PARAMETER values, the user is presented with the full set of DT_SAMPLE_PARAMETER.PARAM_CODE values to choose from.


EnviroInsite uses the same method for determining the bottom depth of any interval as is used in VW_LITHOLOGY. By convention, the bottom depth of all intervals except for the lowermost interval is simply the START_DEPTH of the underlying interval.  The bottom depth of the lowermost interval for any location is taken to be the either the value of DT_LOCATION.TOTAL_DEPTH if that field is populated or the DT_WELL.DEPTH_OF_WELL for those locations where the TOTAL_DEPTH field is not populated. If neither DT_LOCATION.TOTAL_DEPTH or DT_WELL.DEPTH_OF_WELL fields are populated, then the calculated value of the bottom depth will be undetermined. The result of undetermined values of the bottom depth in plots that depend on its value is uncertain.


Double-click on the desired downhole interval field to add it to the report. Once in the report, double-click the downhole interval object to open the Downhole Interval Data dialog box. Modify the Options tab, Format tab, Fill Style tab, Fill Style2 tab, and Text tab as desired. Click the OK button to save changes.


Options Tab





Format Tab





Fill Style Tab


To modify the display options for a particular soil type, select the Fill Style tab.  Then select the soil in the central list box and modify the hatch and color using the dialog controls to the right.





Text Tab


Height: Text height in page coordinates (inches).


Horizontal Alignment: Select from either left, center or right alignment of text strings.


Vertical Alignment: Select from either top or vertical center alignment of text strings.


Style: Select text style.


Color: Select color.