Boring Log Template Design Window

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Boring Log Template Design Window

Open the Tasks Pane on the right-hand side of the EnviroInsite interface, select Create Window and then select Boring Logs. A new view window is generated. Select Plot> Logs or Logs from Template and the Select Borings dialog box opens. Highlight the desired boring locations and click the => button to move the boring locations to the Selected pane. Click the OK button. The Boring Log Template Design window will open.




The Boring Log Template Design window is used to select the data fields to be plotted and to design the layout on the page. The fields are selected from the field lists at the right of the window. Each of the field lists are derived from a different table or field set. For EQuIS users, the source tables and fields are described at Tables and Fields used in Generating Full-Page Boring Logs.


For non-EQuIS users, the source data for each type of interval is as follows:

Header / Footer Data

Fields of Wells Table

Downhole Interval Data

Fields of Borings Table

Downhole / Point Data

Contents of Constituents Field in Point Values Table


Fields are added to the Boring Log Template Design window by double-clicking on the field name or by selecting a field and dragging and releasing it at the desired location on the template. Once placed on the Boring Log Template Design window, fields may be dragged using the mouse to the desired location. Multiple objects may be aligned together by selecting the desired objects and then right-click> Align> Left or Bottom. The objects are aligned based on the placement of the blue object box that is displayed when an object is selected. The placement of the blue object box may be changed in the Alignment section of the Properties window.


When an object is selected in the Boring Log Template Design window, that object's properties are populated in the Properties window in the bottom left corner. Double-clicking on a placed object in the Boring Log Template Design window opens a pop-up context-sensitive Properties window. The object properties can be modified in either the Properties window or the pop-up Properties window.


Downhole field box widths may be resized by selecting the box and dragging the corner sizing rectangles.


A control bar at the bottom of the page enables you to zoom to the window extent, zoom to a window or pan within the page. Images, lines, text, and rectangles may be added to a log report by selecting the appropriate button on the control bar at the bottom of the page. When the boring log report design is complete, save the design to a template by selecting Template> Save or click the OK button to draw the boring log for the selected locations. Clicking the Select button opens a window to allow selection of locations. If no locations are selected, then all locations will be plotted.