Applying Network Licenses

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Applying Network Licenses

Connect to an EQuIS Database


1.Launch EQuIS Professional.

2.If registering a database of an older EQuIS version, update the database.

3.Connect to a facility or facility group to establish the database connection.


Register EQuIS with Network License


1.If registering a database with no licenses, selecting to connect to a facility will prompt registration.

2.If registering a database with a Professional license available, Professional opens. Select File to return to the EQuIS backstage view; select Registration from the menu.

3.Click the Network Licenses tab.

4.Request Network Registration Key(s) in Professional.



5.Click the Click here to request registration key for this computer link (shown above) to open the EarthSoft Register Licenses webpage.

6.Enter contact information and select the EQuIS applications your company has purchased.

7.At the bottom of the Register Licenses page, click Submit to send the registration key request to EarthSoft.

8.fter approval, a reply from EarthSoft WebKey will be sent with the registration key(s).

9.Paste the license key into the New Key Codes box.

10.Click Save Key(s) to apply the license.

11.Click OK to exit.