Accessing Available Reports

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Accessing Available Reports

Open the Open Window


Click any button in the Open group (located on the Home tab) to open the Open window.

Depending on which button is selected, (Tables Tables-Table, Reports Reports-16 or Forms Forms-Form-16), the corresponding icon will be highlighted in the Open window and items of that type will be displayed. Do one of the following to open an item:


Click and select the item, then click the Open button.

Double-click the item.


Tip - Opening Multiple Items: Open multiple items at the same time by selecting each item (use the SHIFT or CRTL key) and click the Open button.






Right-click and select Add to Favorites from the menu to save a table, view, report or form to EQuIS Favorites.


Create a name and organize favorites using folders. The selected item will be added to the Favorites list; click Favorites on the Home ribbon to access.


Favorites on Professional Home Ribbon


Hide Report

1.Navigate to the Report list in Professional (click on Reports Reports-16 on the Professional ribbon).

2.Right-click on the report and select Remove From List.






Set the .dll Hidden property to True as instructed below.


1.In Windows Explorer, right-click on the report.dll file.

2.Select Properties and check the Hidden attribute.


Note: Removing Items this way will set ST_REPORT.STATUS_FLAG to 'R'. If you wish to make the report visible again, set the ST_REPORT.STATUS_FLAG back to 'A'."


EarthSoft.Reports.Forms.OpenDialog EarthSoft.Reports.OpenDialog